In the second of a three-part video series by INDIE TV and Klarna, dancer, artist and poet Lucia Cabrera Pedroso of Berlin’s Gorgeous House of Gucci showcased a powerful poem and performance detailing the importance of the city’s queer safer spaces. Now as the holiday season fast approaches, Cabrera lends us some ballroom gift inspiration in the form of Klarna’s new wishlist feature.

In-keeping with true Scandinavian ingenuity, Klarna, known for its flexible and easy to handle payment solutions, has levelled-up our online shopping game (yet again) with the launch of its latest app features. With Pinterest-style shoppable moodboards, daily exclusive deals, inspirational curated content, combined with killer savings, Klarna is quickly evolving from payment provider to a one-stop shop for, well, shopping.

Through the new ‘wishlist’ feature, it’s possible to follow the latest trends in lifestyle, fashion and beauty handpicked by expert personal shoppers and celebrity guests, as well as create your own personal list of must-haves, while browsing any shop from within the Klarna app. A one-stop-shop from inspiration to check-out, discovering and saving new products from Klarna merchants such as Nike as well as virtually any online store, streamlines the gift search tenfold. Throw in the price drop alert feature (which sends a notification when products in your wishlist go on sale) and the need to scour the high street for discounts in the cold—as if by some Christmas miracle—magically disappears.

At the top of Cabrera’s curated wishlist are a selection of items which make up the dream dance outfit. Shop this list for gift ideas for family or friends or just an early treat to yourself and find the ideal look for pole dancing classes, voguing practice at home or a post-lockdown trip to Berlin’s ballroom events. Here are the pieces that made the cut and are sure to make an entrance:

To shop any of the items from Cabrera’s wishlist, head here.

In collaboration with Klarna.

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