From platform Crocs, Margiela split-toed Tabis to the overwhelming popularity of chunky Triple S Balenciagas, ugly-chic footwear is here to stay. Combine this with a change in season (where the outdoors is ditched in favour of a night by the fire) plus a global initiative to ‘stay the f*ck home’, and comfort becomes the ultimate goal.

With the rise of the ultra soft UGG sling-back slipper/sandal hybrid and the release of the new UGG Ultra Classic Mini, which has found fans in Emily Ratajkowski and Telfar Clemens—choosing between style and comfort is no longer a difficult decision.  This latest twist on the iconic ’00s Classic, features a new low-length look in a wide variety of shades and hues including a grey, black and wild card: hot pink. Making it the perfect accomplice for Berlin’s lockdown LITE. As we prepare to settle in for the winter with shorter days and longer Zoom calls, Jan Michael Quammie asked some of the city’s fashion creatives how they find comfort in their down time. Lensed by Quammie and photographer Bernardo Martins this is what they had to say:

”What is your ultimate idea of comfort?”


 “Being comfortable with myself on the inside and outside” – Benita Banu


“My ultimate idea of comfort is being around my favourite people, no makeup, good food and laughter…in a comfy cute fit of course” – Olive Duran


“Sleeping in a Rick Owens stone boudoir king size bed” – Loco Candy


“Comfort to me is being with the people I love” – DJ Gigola


“The ultimate idea of comfort for me describes a mental and physical safe space in which I can kick back and switch off for a while” – Fiyori


“Comfort for me is being good to myself and if I start from there then the rest will follow. Work, mood, clothes, and whatever comes next” – Billy Lobos


“Ulitmate comfort is when I don’t hear or feel the shoes that I’m walking in” – Elia Lopes


“Being and feeling unapologetically myself—along with good company, good food and good music!” – Monika Martinez
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