To ease the ongoing isolation, we asked a selection of our favourite artists, DJs and collectives to present a playlist of their favourite tracks to soundtrack your week from Monday through to Sunday.

First up: Berlin-based New Yorker and dark-italo-acid punk pioneer, Curses (otherwise known as Luca Venezia). 2018 marked Curses foray into live music, with the release of his debut album Romantic Fiction on Jennifer Cardini’s Autuno label. Since then, the ’80s EBM-inspired artist has gone on to release mini LP Carcassonne on Hoga Nord Rekords, and performing both DJ sets and live, translating the haunting vocals, guitars, and energy of his records.

“For this playlist I went less towards what I DJ and more towards what I listen to,” he says, presenting a playlist featuring everyone from Boy Harsher to Velvet Condom.  So, here to soundtrack your Monday is Curses with a a mix of post-wave/ acid-punk hits and more, to help ease you through the ‘tine.

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