Commonly emblazoning spaces more intimate than the runway, most consider tattoos to fit into the category of ‘style’ rather than ‘fashion’, but Ukranian brand TTSWTRS, is here to change that. The up and coming brand fuse these two related artistic expressions together, re-imagining clothing as a ‘second skin’. In the form of inky graphics on skintight nude bodysuits and transparent mesh, TTSWTRS has been serving up its painless brand of body-modification since its inception in 2013. Now, for SS19 the inked-up brand is re-imagining summer-wear essentials. As the weather gets warmer, this collection is tailor-made for those looking to bare decidedly more adorned flesh.

Whilst TTSWTRS’s new collection is comprised of wardrobe basics, the artwork embellishing the line is anything but. Voluminous hoodies, silk robes, utility workwear, and TTSWTRS’s classic mesh bodysuit all bear artwork by master tattoo artists Arnest Makhin, Rostislav Tsarenko, and Andrey Svetov. With design collaborations of this calibre driving their vision, TTSWTRS have birthed a collection saturated in strikingly diverse sketching styles—detailed dot-work and flower graphics being among some of the stand-out moments. And yet, even amidst all this artistic variety, TTSWTRS’ signature design DNA shines—with a signature colour palette of black on nude tying together even the most adventurous adornments.

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