Through sheer mass alone, plastic is fast becoming one of the most toxic terrors of our generation. You’ve most likely seen the statisticsover 1 million marine animals are killed every year by plastic, by 2050 the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the amount of fish, and each of us is walking around with microplastics lining our stomachs. Gross. And terrifying. But with plastic packaging also lining our daily lives, creating an entirely plastic-free shopping basket is an undoubtedly daunting task. On the journey towards an eco-overhaul, perhaps starting small and simple can make bigger wavesin our plastic-filled seasthan you might expect.

A new beauty story by make-up artist Lindsay Low is beginning creatively, whilst managing to take on the biggest culprit: single-use utensils. After all, the beauty industry’s single-use system is a colossal contributor to the waste polluting our waters. But rather than ignoring their existence altogether, Low’s mesmeric make-up looks have been created using plastic products salvaged from our ever-growing trash tip. Broken egg brushes, food netting, straws, and disposable mascara wands are all used as applicators and stencils. Through her resulting looks, Low hopes to inspire other artists to reuse the single-use tools at their fingertips. An alternative make-over it may be, but Low’s lightly luminescent hues and evocative, textural patterns make for a beauty narrative no less dripping in artistry.

For anyone who still thinks brilliant beauty and sustainability don’t go hand in hand, these mother-nature approved creations make a captivating case for the contrary.

Photographer: Martin D Barker

Makeup Artist: Lindsay Low 

Hair Stylist: Stelios Chondros

Models: Tin @ Anti-Agency

 Deba @ Anti-Agency

Georgia Palmer @ Storm

 Yuki Beniya @ Storm

Moffy @ Storm

Mopesola @ Nii Agency

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