Just as the smell of freshly mown grass signals the start of summer and the warmth of aromatic cinnamon invokes irresistible winter comfort, the power of scent is unmistakable. From the brief whiff of a passerby’s patchouli perfume—the same scent our mother used to wear—transporting us back to our childhood, to the faint tinge of stale cigarette smoke reminding us of an ex-lover, familiar fragrances have the power to awaken forgotten memories deep within us, and stir up sentiments we’ve long suppressed. Completely intangible, yet intensely evocative, smell is perhaps the most personal sense of all.

In its craftful composition and emotional effect, perfumery walks the fine line between art and science. It fuses the ancient arts of alchemy and botany to create powerful potions that appeal to our most primal and instinctive desires. It’s something which master perfumer Alberto Morillas understands only too well, driving him to design the intricate and balanced blends that come to form his coveted unisex Gucci fragrances.

His latest collection, The Alchemist’s Garden, is a translation of Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s vision, and falls nothing short of luxury. It comprises seven expertly crafted eaux de parfums which span the entire spectrum of scent—from feminine orals to complex woody aromas, to fresh citrus and light pepper. Each eau de parfum Michele conceives is guided by the concept of nostalgia, from its aroma to its packaging, like the blue bottle which harks back to one he saw as a child in his mother’s bathroom, honing in on the insatiable power of perfume. Each distinct aroma is sealed in a unique hand-painted apothecary bottle, a respectful nod to the individuality that every perfume embodies and the alchemist spirit that inspires the whole range. Gold lettering and delicate animal imagery adorns the label of each lacquered glass bottle, conceived exclusively to embody the character of the scent it contains. Continuing this thoughtful consideration of personality, each fragrance can also be tailored to suit its wearer, creating a special sillage when layered with the other components of Michele’s master collection. The four unique oils can be used to intensify the aroma, and the three unique acque profumate create a lighter, fresher scent. Gucci’s Luxury Collection: The Alchemist’s Garden is connoisseurship at its most profound, demonstrating an intense understanding of the art of perfumery and a deep respect for the power of scent.

The line of fragrances is available exclusively at KaDeWe in Germany, and at selected department stores internationally.

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