“It’s Lacroix, sweetie.” Desigual’s AW21 collaboration is injected with je ne sais quoi

Few designers in the history of fashion ever become household names, but Christian Lacroix is one of them. Fabled for eccentricity and unabashed over-the-top-ness, the Arlesian designer cemented his status as king of flamboyant fashion in the ‘90s, finding himself propelled into the centre of popular culture. Thanks to cult British comedy Absolutely Fabulous, any eye-raising outfit could be followed by one explanation: “It’s Lacroix, sweetie.” 

30 years later, Lacroix’s bold, playful and pattern-heavy designs are still getting airtime. In 2010, the French designer began expanding his repertoire by adding a sprinkling of je ne sais quoi to Spanish brand Desigual. Now in its eleventh year, the collaboration continues to evolve and unite the visual language of two different design approaches. 

The AW21 collaboration, which was launched this month, sees Lacroix’s signature design elements for Desigual—floral motifs, patchwork and pattern—reimagined in feminine athleisure silhouettes, with a colour palette inspired by Fauvist painters. Designed with comfortable sophistication in mind, the collection features technical leggings, sneakers and fitness bras, but also elegant skirts and turtle-necks that can be transformed for day or evening wear. 

Shop the collection now on desigual.com.
Partnership with PR agency AP Studios.

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