Fashion and art, by nature, create opportunities to showcase unique perspectives from people of all backgrounds, and from all walks of life. But in reality, the opportunities given to people of colour in predominantly white-run industries do not measure up with idyllic notions of equal representation. In these times, where Black voices especially are needed and the fight for justice is louder than ever, creating space for a multiverse of talent is essential. Together with INDIE, Katrice Dustin compiled a list of both established and up-and-coming Black photographers in multiple cities to follow, support, and most importantly, hire. To be added, get in touch.

Christian Cassiel

Born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, Christian Cassiel is recognised for his intimate natural light portraiture and fashion. He’s had work published in magazines such as i-D, Teeth, Rollacoaster and WONDERLAND. He’s recently been commissioned by author Colin Grant to capture portraits of those from the Windrush generation—Caribbean migrants who were invited to the UK between 1948 and 1971 (pictured).

Jesse Crankson

23-year-old photographer and visual artist Jesse Crankson specialises in areas of fashion and music. Residing in south west London, he forever considers himself a student—”I’m constantly learning new ways to explore my craft further. I’m into style but not fashion, fashion to me is a consumer term of what’s new and now.”

Olivia Lifungula

Belgian-Congolese photographer and filmmaker Olivia Lifungula explores themes of intimacy, beauty and the construction and depiction of Black femininity in art and the media.

Henry J. Kamara

Henry J. Kamara is a storyteller, photographer and talented researcher with a degree in English and creative writing. His portfolio includes a mix of portraits, short films, interviews, consumer insight reports and various curation projects such as books and exhibitions. Having already brought his perspective to tell stories with the likes of the Guardian, Nike, Getty and i-D in the UK and abroad, he has set his sights on growing this already impressive pool of clients. He’s driven by his passion to help position the world through alternative lenses and provide people with a means by which to deconstruct stereotypes and discover the truth.

Danny Kasirye

Danny Kasirye is a Ugandan-British photographer and director based between London and New York. Celebrating a diverse range of beauty and people has always been the backbone to his stories. Originally a film student, he aims to implement a cinematic approach to in his work through his use of light, colour and composition.

Jessica Madavo

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, 20-year-old photographer Jessica Madavo moved to London five years ago. She’s currently completing a degree at CSM doing fashion communication and promotion, and sees image-making as an expressive outlet.  “Photography has become such an important part of being able to explore my own Blackness, as well as being a way of meeting and shooting amazing people.”
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