Earlier this year, on 28th April 2020, The Pentagon confirmed the validity of three UFO videos—and with it, the possible existence of extraterrestrial life.

There’s nothing quite as enigmatic as the extraterrestrial—from theories of aliens invading the earth to visions of humanity relocating to far-flung planets ­altogether. And unsurprisingly, our obsession with ominous spheres and appearances has become a dominant force within pop culture too. What arguably started with Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is currently culminating in Elon Musk’s SpaceX mars mission, body hackers, and anything cyber.

The root of this fascination is simply wanting to believe—but travel to the south of Spain, and it becomes a reality. The country’s east and south coast are prime spots for spotting unidentified flying objects—no need for Musk or stamping chips under the skin, the supernatural seems to be omnipresent. For his ­documentary series, photographer JJ Lorenzo visited the area and spoke to its devoted skyscanners about their—sometimes abstruse, sometimes compelling—encounters with the extraterrestrial. Believe them or not.

PUNTA CARNERO A place with frequent reports of unidentified flying object sightings.
RAFAEL TOBAJAS, 11th of February 1981. Midnight. Botafuegos area. (outskirts of Algeciras town)

He saw the orange light coming down from the sky. Aided by binoculars, Rafael could see two humanoids that were more than three metres tall, alternating fast movements with leisurely slow motion. After a couple of minutes, the humanoids disappeared into the dark.

It was around 10 am, Juan Gonzales Santos was driving his van when he saw a strange light shining past some eucalyptus trees. At first he thought it was a traffic accident, perhaps the light came from an ambulance. Santos stopped his vehicle and got out with the intention of helping. What he found next was something completely different. A dome-shaped object glowing 25 metres in front of him. It looks ten meters high, with five circular windows turning counterclockwise. Juan Gonzalez Santos thought it was an American aircraft that was in trouble and tried to approach. Suddenly, a beam of light shot out from the ship towards him that prevented from moving forward. Seconds later there was a second beam of light that hit our protagonist frontally generating great pain and completely immobilising him for about 2 minutes, after that time the ship rose up and disappeared. Little by little Juan Gonzales Santos regained mobility.

SANDRA DE LA PLAZA July 2004, San Fernando, Cadiz.

Sandra de la Plaza was out with her friends in a park near her house around 10pm when all the lights around them suddenly turned off. The town square and all the surrounding houses went dark in an instant. Then, as if perfectly on cue, a dark grey flying object about 35 metres in diameter appeared and hung above them in the sky. Three minutes passed. The flying object started to drift away slowly for ten to 15 seconds. Then it disappeared completely at tremendous speed.

In his youth, Jose Antonia Caravaca collaborated with the prestigious ufologist and inspector of the local police of Algeciras, Andrés Gomez Serrano. He has since published several booked related to UFO phenomena and developed the Distortion Theory.

MARC BRYANT August 1998. Gibraltar.

On a summer night, Marc Bryant and his friends were outside enjoying themselves when they suddenly spotted several lights in the sky that looked like stars but moved strangely: Changing speed from extremely fast movements to slow ones, or just hanging suspended in the sky then moving again. The phenomenon went on for at least 25 minutes until the lights disappeared.

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