As businesses continued to adapt to our new reality and U.S unemployment claims surged to over 30 million in the last six weeks—good news seems few and far between. In such times, we can always count on the fashion industry to serve us the good, the bad and (hopefully not) the ugly. Here’s a roundup of the most important fashion news brought to you courtesy of INDIE!

Arket went old school for SS20

Arket Men’s new summer 2020 collection is an ode to the ’90s—a reinterpretation of menswear classics to fit a more functional, sustainable style. By focusing on relaxed cuts and natural fabrics, the collection strives to redesign wardrobe classics that are worn throughout a season. The collection sees itself as a tribute to the fashion of the 90’s and consists of linen summer suits, airy cotton based utility shirts and pants alongside summer-y nylon accessories. Through the combination of modern cool and high quality standards typical of Arket, it is a collection of casual urban looks that are both comfortable and elegant. 

No one laughed at Glen Luchford’s joke



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British fashion photographer Glen Luchford, who works regularly with the likes of Gucci and Calvin Klein, to name but a few, was called out by none other than IG’s Diet Prada for his most recent ‘joke’ on social media. Luchford posted a picture of his son’s homework assignment titled ‘letter to myself’ with “remember to get revenge on the gui in China who eat a bat and started this thing” scribbled in a child’s handwriting. The post, defended by Luchford as an attempt to showcase the inability of children to conceptualise the complexity of our current situation was ripped to shreds by Diet Prada. “@glen_luchford who is giving you career advice during this quarantine?” wrote Diet Prada. The account goes on to explain how as a fashion photographer Luchford should be careful before throwing out racist comments towards the country with the largest luxury market, and also the first to recover from the pandemic. With an increasing number of xenophobic hate cases being reported, it might be a good time to check whether your unwarranted social media content comes across as offensive rather than funny.

Jacquemus brought fashion to FaceTime 


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As lockdown measures continue to be in place, the fashion world is being forced to step up and present new creative ways to continue with its work as normal—from Armani’s empty runway show to Vogue enlisting models and celebrities to self-photograph. Jacquemus is the most recent to adapt to quarantine marketing. The brand’s new SS20 campaign simply titled Jacquemus at home features Bella Hadid sans hair and make up, wearing pieces from the new collection shot simply on an iPhone. Although labels are left with very few options, the DIY aesthetic is quickly getting old with our favourite twitter account @PAMBOY calling at designers to give us the content we deserve, “Imagine Steven Meisel doing a FaceTime campaign. No you can not even imagine that, because Meisel is not mediocre.” Shots fired! 

Givenchy restructure rumours spread

With the departure of Claire Waight Keller from the House of Givenchy, the big fashion question making the rounds is who will fill in her mighty big shoes? Although Maison Givenchy has given no clear answer, a few names are beginning to pop up, with the spotlight on 1017 alyx 9SM’s founder Matthew Williams. The Streetwear designer who has worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen and Haus of Gaga, mostly credits his success to none other than Kanye West. Often mentioned in the same sentence as Heron Preston and Virgil Abloh, William’s appointment to Givenchy would signify yet another brand departure from Couture to a more modern, millennial-friendly aesthetic—one that conglomerates like LVMH and Kering have noticed are raking in the profits. 

Saint Laurent cancelled on an already cancelled fashion week


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On Monday, Saint Laurent took to its Instagram to announce that it shall not be partaking in any of the pre-set fashion week events for the rest of the year. Seemingly unaware that fashion week has already been cancelled—remember our current health crisis?—the brand with Anthony Vaccarello at the helm explained how it planned to take control of its pace and reshape its schedule. From the onset of the pandemic and the closures of, well, everything, the fashion industry has finally had the chance to conduct a much needed introspection, with designers such as Miuccia Prada stating, “we need to do less.” While we stan big names in the industry finally taking note of the crazy churn out rate of new collections, Saint Laurent pretending to claim their own schedule in times of no scheduling has definitely tickled our funny bone.

Fashion face masks went too far


Fashion face masks become the accessory to have (and maybe also an excuse for companies to list themselves as an essential service?) this season, as they’re being manufactured in large quantities by everyone from Prada to Zara. Although the more luxurious ones (demarcated as such primarily by the brand name behind it—not necessarily the quality) naturally have a higher price mark, the market might have tipped too far with one Off White mask being sold on third party platform Farfetch for over $1000. The mask itself was very simple with the signature Off White cross marked at the front and caused a huge outbreak on the internet as users not-so-politely tore down the listing through their comments. Farfetch removed the product in response and issued a statement clarifying that the retailer had removed any masks being circulated at an excessive price.

Vivienne Westwood and Buffalo delivered a very British collab

Vivienne Westwood and Buffalo London teamed up once again this time to bring us three variations of the style all brought together with one common characteristic: sustainability. The three brand new silhouettes for Buffalo are 60% recycled and the soles are made out of 100% recycled pre consumer material. The combination of Westwood’s punk  heritage and Buffalo’s rebellious aesthetic makes for a great pairing. The designs include a velcro/sporty trainer, a nylon fireman boot and finally a laced up work boot. “”We always knew that if we are going to create a full recycled pair of Buffalo London shoes there is no other better fitting partner than Vivienne Westwood/ Andreas Kronthaler to team up with,” commented Alexandra Preusche, CEO of AP Studios, the PR agency behind Buffalo London. 

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