Few situations in our lifetimes will unite the world so pertinently as the one we’re currently in. Faced with the crisis of a global pandemic—a virus that does not discriminate against race or sexuality (even if world leaders who talk about it might)—we are reminded that we’re not so different. Socially distanced, isolated, but more connected than ever, we can reach across continents as easily as we reach our neighbours. “Imagine there’s no countries,” sang 25 celebrities in the John Lennon cover literally nobody asked for, but the sentiment is poignant—we are all in this together.

The solidarity we’ve borne witness to over recent months is awe-inspiring. From entire nations gathering at 8pm to clap for healthcare workers, to the generous financial contributions donated to the cause, to the martyrdom of those currently in human trials for vaccinations, this time has brought out the best in many people.  United we stand, divided we fall, or so the old saying goes, and, inspired by this message, Obscura has created imagiNATIONS, a video project created by artists from all over the world, to inspire us to live as one.


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