Ever looked at a pair of old socks and thought, “ooh, these would make a nice Margiela sweater”? No? Us neither—until our colleague Zoe introduced us to the stunning world of online fashion tutorials. Thousands of DIY recipes for perfecting high fashion items from household materials are, it turns out, hiding in plain sight—on YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to name but three, and the glo’ups are absolutely real. Here are some of the best we’ve found in a vortex of vids across the world wide web.

Jacquemus pillowcase top

Even if you don’t have the perfect cerulean blue pillowcase to get this exact effect, this ’90s-esque strap top gets a “yes” from us in any colour.

Margiela sock sweater

Anyone who says this isn’t innovation needs to kindly go and check themselves. We’re speechless, honestly, at the outcome of this sock drawer clean-out, and will be trying this one today.

Cecilie Bahnsen blanket coat

Ok, so you probably don’t have a quilted throw lying around, but, for as long as the mail is up and running, you can still order one and make this dupe to beat all dupes for a tiny fraction of the price of Bahnsen’s original.

Origami MM6-inspired bag

We haven’t used a bag in six days—and counting—however, at some point we’re gonna need one to top up on our self-isolation groceries. Tote, but make it fashion.

Céline leather cuffs

If you’ve still not let go of #oldcéline, now there’s even less reason to have to. Craft your own knotted leather wrist cuffs and channel Phoebe!

Cecilie Bahnsen summer dress

Sorry not sorry, it’s Cecilie Bahnsen again—we couldn’t resist. The sun’s out even if we can’t be, and so what better time to start prepping our post-isolation wardrobes?

Household items into anything

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top made from hats

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Proof that almost any object can become wearable, Nicole Mclaughlin’s insta is an endless source of inspo for the more eccentric side of DIY fashion.

Sports jacket bag

Not totally sure the jacket to bag transition is an upgrade, but if you happen to have a sports jacket (Reebok or otherwise) that’s no longer in service, here’s how you turn it into a cross-shoulder body bag.

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