As COVID-19 is declared a global pandemic, Trump bans flights from the EU to America and Denmark gets put on lockdown, the mass, media-fuelled fear-mongering about the virus is only intensifying. To help you sort the wheat from chaff, we’ve compiled a list of the most interesting opinions and insights on the pandemic—from articles to social media posts to podcasts.

We’ll be updating this list as the situation progresses, so check back for regular updates. (Newest on top).

1. Ian Johnson for the New York Times

Ian Johnson comments on the eternal “othering” of the East, and the countries that stood by, watching what unfolded in China as though it was none of their concern, only to be hit with the same harsh reality.

2. Owen Jones for The Guardian

Although UK-centric, Owen Jones’ article explores the effects the pandemic is having on the poorest in society, worldwide.

3. David Brooks for the New York Times

David Brooks warns of the divisive effects of panic, and the importance of sticking together.

4. Lily Kuo for The Guardian

Reporting on the grave situation that’s been unfolding in Wuhan—where COVID-19 originated—Lily Kuo sheds light on the missing journalists who have been silenced by the Chinese government for speaking out about the aggressive procedures put in place following the outbreak.

5. The Daily podcast: Confronting a Pandemic

Thursday 12th March’s episode of The Daily, from the New York Times came on the same day the virus was officially named a pandemic. Host Michael Barbaro explores what the term actually means, as well as the most effective ways to curb the spread—among them, Italy’s aggressive quarantine method, which follows in the footsteps of China.

6. Yascha Mounk for The Atlantic

As the situation in Italy worsens, doctors and hospitals are being pushed to their limits as they struggle to cope with the influx of patients, Yascha Manouk reports.

7. Susan B. Glasser for the New Yorker

Nothing puts pressure on global governments quite like a pandemic, and Trump, for one, is flailing. Susan B. Glasser explains how the US president is falling short.

8. Sue Mi Terry for Foreign Affairs

Almost 200 soldiers have reportedly already died from the coronavirus, and as the disease spreads, Sue Mi Terry examines Kim Jong Un’s greatest test yet.

9. Joe Rogan Experience #1439

Say what you want about Joe Rogan (and believe us, we do), but this podcast is worth listening to (or watching, as the case may be). Rogan is joined by infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm to talk about the scale of the crisis and particularly its effects in the US.

10. Sarah Miller for The Cut

In California, a state known for its laid back “whatever” attitude, Sarah Miller considers how people’s instincts to socialise are the product of selfishness.

11. Dalia Dawood for gal-dem

In light of the recent hygiene-warnings, Dalia Dawood unpacks the entrenched racial stereotypes surrounding cleanliness.

12. This guide for freelancers

worknotes have compiled a list of resources and advice for freelancers, who are among those set to be hit the hardest by the financial effects of the coronavirus.

13. Roisin Lanigan for i-D

Amid supermarket panic-buying and frenzies of face masks, i-D asked professionals how best to look after our mental health during the coronavirus.

14. Evette Dionne on Twitter

Editor in Chief of BITCH Media, Evette Dionne, asks the question: what’s the best way to work from home without losing your mind.

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