Presenting a “great chaotic container” of archival creative inspiration for all Instagrammers to enjoy, @stripproject is the virtual library of Martina Spagnoli and anna ka aka Mary Jo Peace. Focusing on unreleased archival fashion images, @stripproject looks back to look forward without prejudice. From somehow-always-amazing snaps of Kate Moss to genuinely unseen images of some of fashion’s most-seen faces, discovering @stripproject feels akin to stumbling on a secret box of photos.

How did the account come about?

After working for two years together with the making of STRIP-BOOK an independent magazine that contained works by different artists and photographers, we decided to focus our work on research of rare images and the creation of our online archive.

What’s the highest reaching image you’ve ever posted?

Sigourney Weaver photographed by Philip-Lorca diCorcia for Harper’s Bazaar October 1996.

Where do you get your inspo?

From everything, but especially from old fashion magazine, photography, movies and art books that we collect obsessively.

What’s in the future for @stripproject?

Expand the archive and collaborate with fashion brands and artists.

Your website mentions a “new way to look at fashion, photography and contemporary art” – why do you think a new way is important?

It’s not really a new way to look but rather a different way, without prejudice. Prejudice limits creativity.

What can looking back in fashion teach us about the future?

We believe that “We become what we see”. It is very important to see what we have been to understand what we want to become.

Do you have a particular year that was your favourite in terms of creative output?

No particular year.

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