Charlotte Knowles and her creative partner Alexandre Arsenault had their heads firmly set on burgeoning an enticing range of pioneering ideas through their newly cogitated label. Yet, the duo has created an eclectic variety of lingerie that owns a very sporty edge. So think simple, not weary; these propositions may result in winning your roughest midseason weather switches, utilising a subtle plethora of breezy cuts and gentle clothing. Sporty? Surely, it’s ahead of us. As opening looks bounded with cycling shorts and strapless busters, tailoring was made ever so fuss-free, asserting a grand state of summery choices.

Arsenault and Knowles took a prompt step by subverting and radicalising canons of beauty and fashion: skin-on-tight pieces were crafted much more radically than the sort of ones we’re used to spotting in modern retail spaces. Entitled Venom, the latest Spring/Summer collection brought military-inspired looks.

Perhaps, take a better glimpse and get to know that Charlotte Knowles is not here to play. Clever details were aplenty, and bodycon layers were in full swing too.

From the shows’ pugnaciously-heavy tunes, set designs and sartorial quality, Knowles acknowledges her trailblazing way of conveying youthfulness in the grand scheme of things. She kindly offered some of the other styles such as velcro-strap closures. Elsewhere, crop tops were evocative of tactical vests: ditto for the teeny-tiny bikini tops that were layered over mesh tops. Moreover, as an alternative to camouflage, Charlotte Knowles suggested light-headed bleeding checks and bleached-out floral motifs, emphasizing that profound sense of unapologetic femininity. They added a swanky touch to mesh turtlenecks and cowl-neck dresses that were layered over kicky leggings. As the rage for vintage reaches a perilous mass, Kim Kardashian West’s ongoing lingerie-alike obsession must have acted pivotally in Knowles’ design process. The only variance is that this London-based label is poised to plunge itself into a new and eco-friendly direction—and that’s quite a great shout.



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