Last week, Taiwan became the first Asian nation to legalise same sex marriage—news that was met with tremendous joy the world over, as over 1000 guests gathered to watch 20 couples get married in the country’s first mass wedding. But as good as such news is (and as long overdue), it’s also a reminder that not everyone in the world has such privilege. Same sex marriage is still criminalised in over 70 countries worldwide and over a quarter of the planet’s population believe that being gay should be illegal. So with Pride month upon us, it’s time not only to reflect on the strife, suffrage and success of the activists who fought to challenge the status quo, but continue to spread a message that love is love, no matter who, no matter what—and that nobody should have to be ashamed of that.

It’s called Pride for a reason—it’s about harnessing the power in owning your own identity, and acknowledging the privilege we are afforded to be able to do so. It’s about recognising and lifting up the most marginalised in our society, and forging a PoC, trans, non-binary and queer-inclusive party that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community—not only politically, but culturally too.

And as the world comes together to celebrate drag, voguing, Queer Eye and love, in all forms, and fight for justices that marginalised queer communities are still not afforded, Esprit’s new capsule collection is proving the perfect Pride-wear. The brand’s signature stripe have been subject to the rainbow treatment at the hands of design duo, Craig & Karl. Revered for their infectiously fun, bold and playful creations, the pair elevate Esprit’s stripes into a triumphant symbol of inclusivity and equality, rendered in rainbow colours. Bucket hats, jackets, shorts and tracksuit bottoms are imagined in bright primary colours that speak loud and—fittingly—proud. “Our collection is a celebration of Pride,” explain Craig & Karl, “and supports a message of diversity, inclusivity and cooperation.” A bold statement without uttering a word, the capsule collection embodies the essence of a fashion statement in its most joyous form. “Be bold, be bright, be who you want to be and love who you want to love.”

The Esprit x Craig & Karl capsule collection is available from 31st May in 16 countries Europe-wide and online.

In partnership with ESPRIT

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