If you’ve managed to keep up with the shit show that is Brexit, then congratulations. The everlasting and tumultuous trip down the slippery slope that is UK’s less-than-swift exit from the EU has left the rest of us more bored, confused and downright downhearted than we ever imagined. After two years of shambolic negotiations, helter-skelter debates and referendums, it’s safe the say Britain’s residents are dwindling in terms of confidence, patriotism and positivity. However, through it all there exist those select few who decide to make light of the sombre situation, poking fun at the crumbling scenery of our Theresa May-fronted travesty of a country. On what was supposed to be Brexit day (but now definitely isn’t), we bring you seven snapshots of lacklustre British landscapes, via  @sadbritain, the Instagram chronicling the ever dismal terrain (and mentality) of a nation about to get a whole lot sadder.

“I made the account to showcase what I thought was beautiful about the way items are discarded around the streets of England,” explains the anonymous sad Brit behind @sadbritain. “Every country I go to seems to have a sense of pride about how tourists see the cities they’re in, and what’s funny about England is that people just don’t care!” This DGAF attitude, which breeds streets strewn with moulding sofas and sidewalks paved with used gum, epitomises the current state of blasé Britain, devoid of any sense of hope that ever was that TM the PM could fix the sorry mess that is Brexit. Shooting the glum glory of Britain as it is, #nofilter, these images showcase the best of derelict furniture and food blunders, to questionable graffiti and abandoned objects, and the land we all secretly love. Brexit or not, this is Britain.

“Sad Cucumber”


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Must have been an angry cat about. #sadcucumber

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“Cushions of Olde”


“Royal Mail”


“Public Facilities”


“The Pigs”


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All Cars Are Broken

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“Bit Chilly”


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Getting chilly on the streets. ❄️ #thepoweroffrozen

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