Berlin designer Pauline Deckert on tailoring, Tabis and her 5 favourite Vinted finds

For Berlin-based designer Pauline Deckert, fashion is a thoughtful, unhurried process. Each creation she crafts for Pauluschkaa—the small fashion studio she launched during lockdown—is intricately crocheted with skills passed down from her grandmother, and demands up to ten hours of meticulous craftsmanship. And the slow fashion ethos extends to her own style too, where her affinity for vintage fashion often leads to hours spent searching for the perfect piece. To celebrate the launch of Vinted’s new verification feature—allowing users to purchase designer items with peace of mind—we caught up with the playful fashion enthusiast about tailoring, textiles, her new-found Tabi obsession and the stories behind five of her favourite Vinted finds.

Have you always loved second-hand fashion, or when did your love of vintage begin?

I‘ve been drawn to second hand clothing for a long time. I guess the first pieces were clothes my grandparents gave me from their closet. I wore shirts my granddad gave me, that were way too big, but felt super special to me. That’s mostly how I feel wearing second hand—it’s like the pieces have their own mind and story to tell.

If you could wear only one brand’s archive for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Pauline Deckert: I think I’d say Comme des Garçons. The playfulness of all the ruffles and bows just mixes so well with the classic and chic cuts. I could wear only skirts until the end of time if I had to, pairing it with ruffle blouses and blazers. I say this now, but ask me again in a year! I’m very indecisive and so happy I don’t have to actually decide this. 

Where do you find the best designer vintage pieces?

Pauline Deckert: I normally prefer shopping in person, especially at flea markets when travelling. But online, Vinted is my go-to platform.

You have an impressive collection of vintage finds. Could you share the stories behind five of your favourites?

Leather Jacket

I’ve had this for two years now, but I went through a couple of leather jackets to find the perfect one. It’s oversized, perfectly faded, and was a bargain. Everyone needs a good leather jacket—it’s a staple you can always count on.

Miu Miu Jacket

This Miu Miu bargain is the newest addition to my closet. It has the perfect-shaped collar and fits so nicely. I don’t really know what else to say, because she’s just really perfect.

Marni Cardigan

This cardigan is adorable, with a traditional front and a sheer, glittery back. It’s made of beautiful wool, and I can’t remember exactly when I bought it, but I think it was my first ever Marni piece.

Maison Margiela Tabi Loafers

After I bought my first pair of Tabis in summer last year, my obsession quickly got out of hand. They’re my favourite shoes ever. I’ve bought every pair second hand and have been trying to source the perfect pair for my partner for a long time, before surprising him with these loafers the other day.

Marni Jacket

This was my first time buying something with Vinted’s verification system, and it really feels secure. I’m often quite nervous buying designer pieces not knowing what to expect on arrival, but having someone double checking them just gives me peace of mind. I love the shape, and the cut of this blazer, and I know the verification feature will make sure I receive the product I am expecting from the photos!

Acne Workwear Jacket

I really love a good workwear jacket, and this one is extra special. The cut is super cool—the sleeves are slightly shorter, and the jacket itself is A-shaped, so you could almost wear it as a dress too. The fabric feels great and I love the details—like the pockets in a different shade of blue. I’m also a big fan of pieces I can share with my fiancé. And the previous owner turned out to be someone I know in Berlin—meant to be!

You started Pauluschkaa during the pandemic. Was it a product of lockdown?

Pauline Deckert: The idea already kind of existed but lockdown helped to birth it. I was finishing my studies, and I had so much more time to put all my thoughts into my creative work, without feeling rushed. 

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment?

Pauline Deckert: The fact that every day I get to do what I love feels like the ultimate accomplishment. Being featured in Vogue was also a big one—(my younger self would be so proud!) and having my hats sold on Highsnobiety. 

You studied costume design—what’s your favourite example of fashion in film?

Pauline Deckert: I’m not a big movie person, but in terms of series, Sex and the City stands out. I get really excited about good costume design in theatre. It’s just a different way of dressing people—way more abstract and creative in a way.

What’s been your biggest fashion regret?

Pauline Deckert: My saddest purchases are the ones that don’t fit! It happens mostly with shoes that are too small.

Which fashion era will always be in style for you?

Pauline Deckert: I’m forever incorporating little bits from all of them.  I want them all to stay. 

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