GLAM: Cool-toned beauty w/ Iga Drobisz, Naomzz and Ruby Howes

Of the female subjects in Berlin-based photographer Iga Drobisz’s book INDEX, Aleksy Wójtowicz notes that “We know as much about them as they are willing to disclose.” The same can be said for Drobisz’s latest series. With make-up by Naomzz and hair by Ruby Howes, GLAM transforms the straight-up headshot into a complex statement—at once high-contrast and cool-toned, direct and oblique, static and in motion. The definition of a glossy lip offsets a blurred edge and smudged eye; an unswerving camera stare balances stolen glances away. These women could be from the future or the past, in the club or sat at home: ask them, and maybe they’ll tell.

Photography Iga Drobisz
Make-up Naomzz 
Hair Ruby Howes
Post-production Theresa Hagedorn 
Models Yuli at Ulla Models, Maya at DSM Management, Aria at A Management, Adau at Tigers, Tory and Ajsa at Modelwerk

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