Amphibian Fashion: KEEN x Hiking Patrol launch a frog-inspired footwear collab

Amphibians and fashion? Why not? Frogs have charmed their way into art and culture for centuries—think the hypnotic visuals in Guillermo del Toro films where nature’s weirdness becomes pure inspiration or Kermit the frog, who said it wasn’t easy being green. The Jasper Rocks however, disagree. The new collaboration between KEEN and Hiking Patrol isn’t just hopping on trends; it’s setting them.

Launching on September 7th, the collab gives a sartorial nod to the vivid worlds of Cuban and Phantasmal Poison frogs. The colour variants, charmingly titled Cuban Beige and Phantasmal Red, are part of a broader move in fashion toward “bio-romanticism,” a blend of organic inspiration with a dash of the surreal. Think Björk meets Bill Nye the Science Guy, where ecological awareness turns into high art. And with eco-friendly leather and natural odor control, KEEN and Hiking Patrol hit the elusive sweet spot between style and sustainability.

What we have here isn’t just a shoe; it’s a character in a larger narrative that’s being penned by fashion visionaries and consumers alike, joining the frog clogs JW Anderson debuted for AW23. The line between outdoor gear and daily wear is increasingly a muddy trail—one that KEEN and Hiking Patrol traverse with audacity.

The collection adds a fresh layer to the ongoing fashion conversation about utilitarian chic, where pragmatism is the new black, and style is where you find it—or where it finds you. Whether it’s your next Instagrammable moment in the wilderness or a dash through urban jungles, these shoes say: “Why not both?”

KEEN x Hiking Patrol’s Jasper Rocks are available online from 7th September.
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