To ease our ongoing isolation, we asked a selection of our favourite artists, DJs and collectives to present a playlist of their favourite tracks to soundtrack your week from Monday through to Sunday.

Today, it’s No Shade, the female, femme, trans and non-binary collective lighting up Berlin nightlife. No Shade was established in 2017 and has since grown to accommodate 16 DJs and host a plethora of international guests too. As well as hosting monthly parties (when not in lockdown) and gracing the decks at events internationally, the collective also run a training programme for aspiring young DJs.

Although taking a break from clubs right now (as are we all) No Shade are still serving up the goods with this playlist—selected by Ace of Diamonds, Panasiagirl, Ceekayin2u, Perigga, Folly Ghost and Grinderteeth—to brighten up your Thursday. “These are the tracks that would comfort your mid-week breakdown or the soundtrack to shaking your booty when you feel like it and cause you’re worth it!” says Panasiagirl “But most of all during these times is most important to look out for one another and check in on your friends that is why some of these tracks are made by some of our friends who we want to shine through these times.”

“The tracks I picked are a mix—some remind me of times when me and my friends were just celebrating being together, and tracks I would have liked to show them IRL. There are uplifting club tracks to lift you up while you are at home, tracks which are a total inspiration to me in the way how they only follow their own logic. Tracks for days when you are in the mood for something harder and three tracks from Meryl, because I finally know what being a fan girl is like!” – Ace of Diamonds

Featuring an eclectic mix of everything from Mia Carucci to Megan the Stallion, press play and let No Shade soundtrack your day.



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