To ease our ongoing isolation, we asked a selection of our favourite artists, DJs and collectives to present a playlist of their favourite tracks to soundtrack your week from Monday through to Sunday.

For the weekend, we welcome one of the most revered new names in Berlin’s underground techno scene, Mala Junta. The crew, consisting of Joachim aka DJ Tool, Ana Laura, aka Hyperaktivist, D.Dan and door picker Nayme Hassany, deliver here a hefty dose of trance, techno, rock and R&B (and everything in between) to make you miss the club more than you no doubt already do.

With ten tracks each, the Mala family present the sounds getting them through quarantine.

DJ TOOL (tracks 1-10)

“An emotional roller coaster that takes you through everything from darker but yet very meaningful experimental sounds and the best of danish rock history. It’s what means the most to me in a world turned inside out.”

D.Dan (tracks 11-20)

“I have very fond memories attached to these songs, listening to them with friends in beautiful places. In a time of such uncertainty, when so much is stripped away that I once took for granted, I find solace in these songs and their memories.”

Nayme Hassany (tracks 21-30)

“Right now there’s a longing for raving and to lose ourselves on a dancefloor like we used to. I wanted to show it through trancey & fast-paced groovey techno tracks like ‘Brainchild’ by Nostrum, which are synonymous with our Mala Junta sound. D.Dan’s hypnotic track evokes a reflection on our lives and society with everything happening in the world at the moment. This stay at home situation can also be a great creative stimulation time, and inspiration can come from subversive artists such as Arca or Syd. Finally, considering that the level of desire must be reaching an all time high for all of us single people out there, why not put this energy into dancing to sexy classics by Notorious B.I.G, Cassie or a seductive track by Aphex Twin?”

Hyperaktivist (tracks 31-end)

“I made this playlist out of tracks I’ve been listening to a lot these past days. You’ll find all time favourites, obsessions, pieces I respect a lot and music I play when I wanna put the mood up. Also a favourite I like to play a lot when Im doing closings, ‘Plastic Dreams’ by Jaydee, which brings me right back to the dance floor now that I’m missing it a lot.”

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