The internet is like an endless void, a trench so full of pleasant, unpleasant, and downright “WTF”-surprises it would easily take more than one lifetime to fully explore. To make things at least a little more efficient, we made it our task to go ahead and dissect the World Wide Web for its weirdest, most uncannily satisfying corners, providing you with our curation of multi-media gems you never knew you needed.

We all love a good, mood-setting playlist for mellow evenings at home—be it us alone by the windowsill with a glass of red wine, lounging with friends or in romantic company of a crush. But sometimes, with the endlessness that is Spotify, the sheer search for the perfect collection of down-tempo, sexy tunes can become the mood-killer itself. To make aforementioned scenario a problem of the past, we have a recommendation: By the simple name of slater, a cause-committed YouTuber has found a calling in creating slowed-down versions of your favourite chill slash melancholic slash baby-making-R&B, Hip Hop, trap and even indie tracks, perfectly synced to what has become a trendy phenomenon across music platforms. To be listened to either by artist or at random, this accumulation of sultrily decelerated Frank Ocean, A$AP Rocky and Tyler The Creator songs will give you all the feels. And to tip off its more than atmospheric appeal, the mixes are accompanied by hand-picked snippets of ’90s anime and other old school cartoon treasures. Without further ado, have a look below at personal and YouTube-Community front-runner picks, and check out slater’s account for new doses on the reg. And while you’re at it, dim the lights and connect your laptop to a beamer for the full, psychedelia-pregame experience—thank us later!

Frank Ocean is one of the very few masters of creating music that you want to cry and simultaneously make love to. Tearjerker “White Ferrari” off his Blonde-album is a standout either way, but this slow-motion version is even more dramatic than the beloved original.

Japanese artist Joji’s “Slow Dancing In The Dark” would’ve fit this channel unedited, but, as one comment fittingly put it, it has now become “Slower Dancing in The Dark”, and we dig it.

“Crew Love” from Drake’s best record to date, Take Care, was predestined to show up somewhere in the midst of this account, and everyone who has listened to the album knows why. If you don’t, it’s time to catch up on what was dubbed the unconventional emo album of the 2010s.

Juice Wrld and Lil Uzi Vert’s sad boy, cloud rap anthem “Wasted” combined with Sailor Moon might just be the oddest, but at the same time highest appreciated coupling we’ve seen (or heard) in a while.

With more than 2 Million views, this trippy-er and tranquil-er version of the already trippy and tranquil “ASTROTHUNDER” by Travi$ Scott is slater’s best received release to date. Press play, take it in and you’ll most likely understand why.

Head Image via slater

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