Brands like Hardeman know it’s 2018, and gender no longer dictates how people dress. So why should it dictate how they smell? That’s why the dutch label is presenting its first gender fluid fragrance, “Out of the Blue”, a result of the collaboration between the brand’s designer Sophie Hardeman and olfactory artist Klara Ravat. Traditional ideas of masculinity and femininity continue being questioned by pop culture, and sexist advertising doesn’t resonate anymore with today’s young consumers. It was brands like Calvin Klein and Commes des Garçons who back in the 90’s first released and embraced the idea of unisex fragrances. Now, fashion has taken that idea a step further, celebrating the concept of “genderless” products.

In the same way that gender is a social construct, it also is trying to define which characteristics make a scent masculine or feminine. So, you won’t find any label marketing “Out of the Blue” to man or woman. It will have to be only your olfactory preference that dictates if you feel like wearing it or not. Coming at you bottled in a 10 ml. flask, it promises an intense experience for your senses. The photography duo Stadman LaraLara Verheijden and Mark Stadman has captured the fragrance’s essence in this editorial, which features both the perfume and the brand’s FW18 collection.

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