At the moment, empathy, or even love, feel like tricky concepts to pin down – increasingly, trust issues seem to take over the world, with rattling headlines disrupting our newsfeed in what feels like every other minute. As a result, standing together and showing solidarity have become all the more important – and in a world that sees its movements more and more erupt in the virtual, what better way to subvert any kind of inequality than with your clothes, your outfit, your worn statements.

Swedish label Weekday has long mastered this move of mirroring the zeitgeist in their garments – they have not only created the much instagrammed Zeitgeist-collection, which features a new shirt every week addressing a pop-cultural happening in a tongue-in-cheek manner, but also look to create an equal environment of comfort with their new S/S18 offering. In the clothes as much as on the clothes.

For their just released Weekday Jeans collection, the Swedish brand embraces a period most associate with exactly that feeling of familiarity, of comfort and the sheer endless possibilities of adolescence: the 90s. Channelling this effortless vibe into loose fits and vintage jeans, Weekday debuts two new models for women, Row and Vida, and two for men, Cone and Pine.

In line with the brand’s branching out into our comfort zone, Weekday also wants to highlight the importance of sharing this comfort with others, of “practising love” and putting positive vibes out into the world. For a new capsule collection coinciding with their additional jeans offering, Weekday has released a set of limited print shirts, supporting pro-love activism and a collective mind-set. As with their previous collections, Weekday once again proves its perfect understanding of making timely clothes that fit not only their wearers, but even more so the Instagram-age.



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