Attempting to redefine streetwear and make it more accessible to women in Seoul is innovative fashion brand and collective GANGYOUNG. In the latest video collaboration between INDIE and deadHype, we chat to four of the women behind the label. Each member brings something new to the group – whether it be their skills as a DJ, photographer or artist. With over 11,000 followers on Instagram and a booming trade on their online store, the group are paving the way for young girls looking for an alternative, unique style.

Fighting for a space in the densely populated and saturated street style fashion market, the fact that GANGYOUNG are female gives them a clear edge. Working to create a space for female clothing that celebrates individual beauty and self expression, the collective are challenging stereotypes and empowering their female customers. The clothes on their store hark back to 90s girl power and sportswear luxe, with cute spaghetti strap dresses and mesh crop tops being staple items.

Travelling through Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul in the summer of 2017 and exploring each city’s vibrant underground scene, audio-visual agency deadHYPE captured a series of intimate dialogues they had with the creative minds they encountered – see all videos uncovering Asia’s underground here.

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