Saskia is as multi-faceted as the city she calls her home. Being a music producer and DJ, writer, editor, and curator, Tokyo’s ever evolving and unpredictable vibe mirrors itself in Saskia, whether she conducts articles for Nylon Japan or spends her days – and, even more importantly, nights – at one of the city’s most captivating clubs, Batica, right in the heart of Ebisu. With the creative clash that is Tokyo’s underground, Saskia fits right in – even more so because of her strong belief in broadening the city’s borders and making her surroundings accessible for an audience no matter how far away.

Traveling through Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Seoul in the summer of 2017 and exploring each city’s vibrant underground scene, audio-visual agency deadHYPE captured a series of intimate dialogues they had with the creative minds they encountered – see all videos uncovering Asia’s underground here.

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