VFILES winner Julia Seemann has cleverly intertwined the underground music wave with shiny Swarovski crystal elements in her latest collection – two fundamentals that are nearly impossible to say no to. Classic work- and everyday-wear are infiltrated using an inventive mix of volumes, colours, materials, prints, and embroideries. The touch of crystals combines the streetwear aesthetic of bold screens and Medusa digital prints. This is an intentional break in style for ironic purposes, a typical trait of Julia Seemann as she boldly underlines the idea of “fighting for something your love”.

The S/S 18 collection is characterized by sub-cultural alternative music and nostalgic influences of the hardcore punk era in the 80’s and 90’s – combined with geometric, artistic, and mythological elements. Zurich, Switzerland was the home to tons of youth movements that stood up for different cultural rights, as there was no place for underground music there 40 years ago. Movements such as “Züri brännt” (Zurich is burning) changed the music scene in Switzerland overtime and brought together a street parade in Zurich over one thousand funky music lovers not long afterwards. A distinctive and proud moment in history that embodied love, peace, freedom, liberty, and tolerance – thanks to these iconic times, music culture has expanded for all the right reasons.

Photographer PICZO


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