Creatives in 2017 often find themselves juggling several jobs at once and for Berlin based model, DJ, and designer Alexia Hahn that’s no different. From dominant buzz cuts to bold braids it’s no surprise that the 26-year-old has made it to our series of Women and their relationships with their hair. Originally from the small town of Detmold in Germany, Alexia has been experimenting with her hair since a young age, we’ll leave the rest for her to tell..

At what age did you first experiment with your hair? What sparked that interest, and what did you do with it?

After my mom didn’t regularly do my hair anymore and I started to get my own sense for what I might like or dislike, I, sadly, started with relaxing my hair. Simply because everyone around me had it and I thought I would have it easier. After that, because I was part of the alternative and punk scene I had a different hairstyle every other week. Mostly change in colour before I started shaving it. I am just very lazy and a bald head is an easy head!

Alexia Hahn Interview Hair Talk

How attached do you feel to your hair?

It’s not so much about being attached to my hair rather than the meaning having hair and no hair has to me. Being able to change my hairstyle simply because I get bored keeps me sane and makes me happy. Now that the grey days are coming I can make me and others happy with colourful braids or dyed hair. My hair means freedom to me… freedom and happiness.

Have you ever had the feeling that you were being judged by society because of certain hair styles you had?

Of course I was judged from certain people who thought braids or a natural afro would look wild or “ghetto” but not many people come up to me in a negative way because of my hair on a daily basis. More people tell me how much they like it rather than telling me I should lose it. That’s probably also because I surround myself with creative people for whom it is no big deal or some sort of inconvenience. I am sure that I would have more problems than the occasional “can I touch your hair?”, that I got when I still lived in my hometown.

Any looks that you think back to yourself and think “what the hell was I thinking?”

Haha yes my relaxed (straightened) hair! It looked awful and wasn’t even me style wise.

You’ve played around with several cuts and shapes over the past years, can you describe how you felt when wearing those certain styles?

Each style I made in the past four years made me feel more comfortable with myself for the period of time I had them. My bald head made me feel much stronger and sexy in a darker sense. My braids gave me a playful vibe but are super exhausting to take care of… each colour made me feel capable to start a new chapter or continue with the old one but with new strength. I just get bored with myself very easily and so all these changes just made me much happier looking in the mirror.

Any particular style you’ve always wanted to try but never had the courage?

There are some punk cuts I would love to try but I know that relaxed (straightened) hair is just no option for me anymore, so I guess they will remain a dream or I will just try afro bangs.

Many women would love to cut or shave their head but don’t have the courage, what would you tell them to help with this process?

If you want to do it then do it! It’s as easy as that, don’t overthink it. Do it or don’t. Hair always grows back.

Alexia Hahn Interview Hair Talk

All images via Alexia Hahn

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