Beijing based brand A.A.Spectrum explores traditional Chinese elements in contemporary settings. The brand is a cross-cultural collaboration that uses the cultural clashes and difference of identities between the Eastern and Western worlds to its advantage – as its own personal fuel. Their latest collection, A/W17, embraces the inevitable within our society; stereotypes are slowly ceasing to exist and cultures are intertwining – or as the brand says: “We aim to create a tribe not an army- a spectrum with room and diversity”. Bringing a refreshing and environmentally friendly approach to design, their collection includes a varied use of highly skilled functional wear and performance fabrics which are layered up and presented in an expressive manner of organic shapes.

As the diverse worlds join, a universal and re-inventive approach to design is formed. A.A.Spectrum, naturally curious about Asian culture, wishes to push and extend the possibilities of their brand by using modern functional techniques and fabrics in unconventional ways. All coats and jackets are RDS certified – other types of fillings used of 3M and Thinsulate insulation, which are known for being ultra-light and having superior heat retention (in other words, the materials couldn’t be any more eco-friendly).

Creative Director ELISABET STAMM 


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