Watch your head, and hat, because London Fashion Week has just rolled through the UK’s capital leaving a whirlwind of new designs – and quite a few ideas as to what we should squeeze our hair under in the future. That’s right, this season saw the return of whatever suits your skull best. Making headwear either an accessible option for consumers to tap into a brand, or display of protecting your thoughts and views from the utter noise and unbelievable developments drawing through huge parts of the world – London sadly being no exception, as the city was victim of a terror attack just last Friday, the first full day of Fashion Week. But as designers showed the following weekend: It’s best to fight these threats with joy and your head kept up high – and, simultaneously, very well dressed.

Dilara Findikoglu

Taking London Fashion Week by storm in recent seasons, Dilara Findikoglu seemed to have no intention of slowing down that whirlwind of a ride – and of themes drawing through her collections. Showing her S/S 18 offering in a church, Findikoglu put models in extravagant ensembles, shimmering down the runway, and of course referencing on typical ideas and images of religion – the most distinct probably being that of the devil, with several models wearing horns on their heads. With the LVMH prize semi-finalist’s collections often directly drawing from current happenings in politics, the collection’s title “Welcome to the dark side” only became all the more telling.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Burberry (@burberry) am


Yes, Burberry is back, and it’s looking to not go anywhere in the near future. At least not after the impressive journey the British label has already covered over the last seasons – from trench coat heavy outerwear specialist to Gosha Rubchinskiy collaborator with a distinct interest in putting their signature check everywhere again, especially on caps. Worn by a variety of female and male models, Burberry’s checked cap is sure to be on most of the show’s imagery – probably propelling the brand right onto the wish lists of quite a few fashion fans.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Matty Bovan (@babbym) am

Matty Bovan

Switch checks for colours and caps for covered strands, and we welcome you right into the world of rising designer Matty Bovan, a celebrated member of Fashion East’s current line up. Having Winnie Harlow and Edie Campbell walk in his show, Bovan looked to mix and matching a variety of vibrant colours, patterns, and fabrics, making his collection look like a surprisingly cohesive clash of everything you might still have lying around in that top drawer you never quite dare to open ever again. Topping it all off with matching rolled-up strands, Bovan’s choice of headdress may have been a bit more subtle but not less significant – making his models look like rather ready warriors.

Versus Versace

There is nothing pop-culture enthusiast Donatella Versace will probably ever shy away from – this season, it was adapting bucket hats for Versace’s little sister line Versus. And she did not only put this symbol of youth culture onto model’s heads, she also linked to it by showing in London’s hotbed for the rebellious fashion youth – art school Central Saint Martins. Also announcing a new scholarship to support MA students, which she dedicated to her murdered brother and founder of Versace, Gianni, be sure that mother Donatella is holding her shielding hand – and bucket hat – above you.


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