Most people at the age of nineteen are navigating adulthood with the ease of Bambi on ice, but for architecture student Maria Osado, her nineteenth year has been spent trail blazing the modelling industry in Mexico. Güerxs is adding to the list of new gen modelling agencies, street casting and redefining the norm standards of “beauty.” From its ironic name (slang for someone with Eurocentric features) to the unique faces of the models on its books, Güerxs is a statement, shifting the rigid standards of the fashion industry.

Paulo y Angelica

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How have you found navigating the industry since you founded the agency? What has been the most challenging aspect?

I wasn’t really part of the fashion industry in my country, I always felt distant as a consumer. When the agency started I felt thankful for how people reacted in the inside fashion world, but at the same time I was trying to build a strong message that could talk for me. As I was only 18 years old the most challenging thing was feeling like nobody would take me seriously.

Do you have a list of requirements for your models like most agencies? 

I think requirements are sometimes boundaries to welcome diversity; I try to keep it ambiguous. The only requirement that we now seek is representing models that we’re not used to seeing in the Mexican fashion media.

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Typically Mexico hasn’t been known for its fashion industry, why do you feel it needs an agency like this?

I wanted to bring something local to an apparently foreign aesthetic, to make the gap between real world and “fashion world” less noticeable.

How would you describe the current fashion industry in Mexico?

I wouldn’t call it an industry; it feels more like a scene. It’s exciting. Since it has a lot of things I’m not proud about, it’s a perfect moment to propose changes and new perspectives.

With street casting your models you must here some interesting background stories of the people you sign, what’s a story that has stuck with you?

I love everyone’s background story; they’re all so unique. I love how they accepted to join this project having different interests. Like Emiliano, who is a jazz musician, Marcela and Aurora dancers, Gamaliel is developing his artwork and Paulo a soccer lover.

Havi Sanchez

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Do you have a specific tactic for approaching people when street casting?

I’m still nervous! Street casting is something unknown in my city. I’m still developing my tactics… presentation cards coming soon.

The fashion culture in Mexico seems to be growing, what are your top Mexican labels that people should check out?

Roberto Sanchez, Ready to Die, Sanchez Kane, Barragan, Baby Angel, and everything you can find in the streets it’s definitely top rate for me.

What do you hope to achieve with the agency?

No longer be called alternative while creating a strong platform that can stand for diversity. I also hope to stay local so I can go worldwide without a hegemonic tactic.

Samuel Guerrero

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Mariana Naike para @192_revista #hambre

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