With only four days to our INDIE x Bread & Butter After Party we want to give you a chance to get to know the DJs who will be blasting some bouncy tunes throughout the night alongside Kojey Radical, Ray Fuego and of course Ms Nina. We’re so excited to have Texan born Lotic as well as South Londoner Snoochie Shy, Amsterdam’s Bubbles from the Dark Knights Collective and INDIE Magazine’s very own Olive aka DJ BO$$Y . We talked to two of our bold artists:


From modeling, djing to hosting for various brands and media partners, you’re basically doing it all. How do you find the time to balance your personal life from your career?

Thank you! Do you know what I have so much fun doing all those things and I always have jokes with the people I work with that I just feel like I’m having a laugh working with mates so it’s quite social!

But on the flip side, I’m a firm believer that it’s important to take some time away to focus on yourself, focus on your health both physically and mentally, and always make some time to be alone, with friends, and family. Days off are definitely allowed.

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Your iconic pink hair can be described as very bold, is representing a bold style something that is important to you?

True story I didn’t actually want pink hair, I was on a shoot and was so freaked out when it got dyed pink! But then it just stuck with me and I’ve loved it ever since, I’ve always experimented with colors though since school… I may not be pink forever. But I think style and fashion is all about doing you and not caring about what others think. What’s important is wearing what you want to wear and expressing yourself to the fullest!

You’ve mentioned on social media that you want to build a platform to help younger girls who’d like to follow in your career path, can you give us three rules any creative like yourself should never break?

Yes, so I’m in the process of organizing some presenter workshops. This will be a place for younger girls to come down and learn the basics behind radio presenting and hosting – really excited!

Rule 1) Don’t feel the need to change who YOU are for anybody. Stay true to you and who you are always.

Rule 2) Don’t compare your journey to anybody else’s. Social media is such a bitch for that but you always got to remember that’s someone’s best bits not a full upload of their whole life. Every comparison takes away from your own personal journey and celebrations for goals you’ve achieved! So focus on you and your journey at all times.

Rule 3) Don’t give up, sometimes it may be hard and you may feel like giving up but don’t. Keep at it and you’ll get to where you want to be. Put things out into the universe, work so hard and I promise everything will come to fruition! Believe in yourself.



Meet the 24 year old Amsterdam born DJ who moved to find herself based between Amsterdam and Berlin while staying true to her Ghanian roots. With her eclectic selection of bass, ballroom and hip-hop beats, she manages to always deliver a certain recognizable vivacity. Whether it be on her own productions or her sets, she will never give in to popular demands and will always do the things she stands for. Bubbles along with her best friends from the Dam are known by infamous DRKNGHTS collective together this DJ trio’s sound is not to be missed.

What song best describes your life? And have you ever played that song during a set?

Damn my life goes in so many different directions that I couldn’t really think of one song that could describe it!

Who is your boldest music inspiration?

Honestly just everyone that started off from the bottom of the bottoms and manage to make it to the top, and all that is still at the bottom and trying to make their way up. This shit is not easy and people tend to forget that it won’t get thrown in your arms. You need consistency, content, confidence and drive. I still struggle with all of that but get inspired by everyone working just as hard to get what they wanted and worked as hard to get where they are now.


When u bout to drop some fiyah sjoeeffff

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You’re originally from Amsterdam and are now based in Berlin, in terms of the music-scene in both cities what would you say are the biggest differences you’ve come across? 

I feel that in Amsterdam there is more variety in the music scene as in Berlin it’s kind of limited, it’s either techno or the rest. Which makes it interesting as well cause it’s a smaller group practicing the same craft.



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Header image via Snoochie Shy

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