Tired of scrolling down fashion bloggers’ Instagrams or spending endless hours in stores to find your ultimate fashion outfit? There might be a solution to perfect your summer look: the big screen. We have selected inspiring films to watch again and again and take some inspiration from.

On The Road by Walter Salles

If you have planned to hit the road and get your kicks through the US, it is worth (re-)watching Salles’ tour de force: On The Road. In the film, smells of marijuana, $2 beer, and a Proust’s dusty novel pages mix together and emanate from the clothes, creating an aspirational holiday experience. Young writer Sal and counterculturist Dean keep things simple, just wearing a plain but stained t-shirt, sometimes a shirt over it, and naturally ripped jeans. Marylou, Sal’s girlfriend, is the answer to absolute sexiness with a striped top, blue jeans shorts and a pair of Converse All Star.

The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola

Have you got Peter Pan syndrome? If yes, you should get a 1970s bouffant white floral dress like one of the Lisbons, very Jessica McKlintock. Even if there is something tragic about the four sisters’ style, the peasant dress is the perfect outfit to dash your parents’ house and join a basement teenage party to dance among balloons on Fat Boy Slim and drink some peach schnapps. But the one we are craving for is certainly Lux’s enviable boho chic look. Put on a bikini and a flower wreath and you are ready to dance in the sunset.

Contempt by Jean-Luc Godard

Is there someone more quintessential than Brigitte Bardot? Probably not. In Contempt, she is wearing a Breton top, a mavy cardigan and a headband. Her outfit has set in stone a cutting-edge but simple aesthetics that has been mythified as an ageless look to possess. Don’t forget small black sunglasses to make the most of your summer look.

Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen

Going for a Paris trip over the holidays? Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris is the next film you need to watch. Imagine yourself strolling in French actress Marion Cotillard’s flapper dress or pale rose-colored dress along the Seine, on the Place des Vosges or just on your way to the Café de Flore to get a club sandwich without bread for lunch, wouldn’t you look fantastic? Cotillard’s Roaring Twenties look is a hymn to stimulate your inner femme fatale. The film also gives voice to male summer fashion. As Owen Wilson does, wear a casual suit with a badly knotted tie and get lost in the city’s furore.

Heartbeats by Xavier Dolan

Coming from Québec, Dolan keeps feeding our starving eyes. There is something special about Heartbeats and fashion has its part to play. Throughout the film, actress Monia Chokri keeps exposing her enthusiasm for retro clothes. For a house-party, she is divinely wearing a 1950s red vintage dress and a pearl necklace, which is “a tad anachronistic” according to Dolan. But the dress’ power incredibly elevates her from the squalid party environment.

Header image still from The Virgin Suicides

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