Do you ever put on those 90’s & early 2000’s playlists and wonder to yourself, what happened to some of those artists? We’ve rounded up a list of five female rappers we’d wish to come back with a millennial banger.

Remember when Ludacris introduced the first female artist signed to Def Jam South through Disturbing Tha Peace? Her name was Shawnna and she immediately caught our attention being featured on the hit “What’s Your Fantasy” one of the most sexual songs of the time. The topic of sex was a reoccurring theme in Shawnna’s further hits like “Gettin’ Some” and “Shake Dat Shit”. Unfortunately the rapper left the game with only 3-4 truly rememberable tracks. Wonder what Shawnna is up to now, we’d love to see her and Ludacris collaborate again.


Kid Sister
It’s safe to say that Chicago born artist Kid Sister was the first rapper to find the perfect mix of hip hop and electronic music. All due to her mentor A- Track who signed Kid Sister to his label Fool’s Gold back in 2006 then releasing her hit “Pro Nails” featuring Kanye West who was then also signed to Fool’s Gold – remember those days? Anyway Kid Sister’s career slowly began to fade around 2011 with her last hit Mickey, at least she left us with a couple of bangers we’ll never forget. Still we could totally see Kid Sister teaming up with someone like Tyler, the Creator, hmmm.


This artist probably has the most popular one-hit from our entire list: Philadelphia born and bred Khia broke all rules with her hyper-sexual club banger “My Neck, My Back”. A song so catchy that even the under-agers couldn’t help but sing along. Unfortunately after the unforgettable track which verbally explains how to go down on a girl under a catchy beat, no one ever really heard from Khia, we’d like to see her comeback on a dirty number in collaboration with Nicki Minaj.


Da Brat
Old school classic Da Brat entered the hip hop game with her Grammy nominated album Funkdafied featured on Jermaine Dupris label So So Def. That 1994 album put the Illinois rapper all over the radar, after the incredibly successful freshman album, Da Brat was teaming up with Missy Elliot, Left Eye, Biggie and many more. So what happened? We guess after the legal trouble Da Brat got into around 2001 she decided to take a pause on making music, however the pause has been long enough, Da Brat we’re ready for you to return!


Probably the most diverse sounding female rapper from our list, the Ruff Ryder’s affiliate who rocked one of the most iconic tattoos of all time – the paw prints over the breast: the one and only Eve. Eve’s unique style and remarkable tracks like “Who’s That Girl” and “Let Me Blow Your Mind” featuring Gwen Stefani will never be forgotten as they’re still on repeat in the clubs over 15 years later. We were happy to hear her featured on Missy Elliot’s comeback track “I’m Better,” hopefully she’ll have some solo time coming soon…

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