Breadfaceblog is the digital antithesis to our low carb society. She is smashing her head into Brioche, Donuts, or Pumpkin Spice Cake until the original texture is almost completely gone, and with an audience of over 170.000 Instagram Followers watching. One time with Patsy Clines’ “You Belong To Me” as the soundtrack, another session with “I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis playing in the background, and always accompanied by a heavy sense of irony, underlining the comical as well as the grotesk. It’s the innocent pre-stage to Mukbang videos, because Breadfaceblog is never actually eating the bread. This isn’t about nutrition, nor about a deeper message – it’s just a New York girl with her head pressed into bread. Maybe that also is the secret of her success: escapism in all forms of dough, daily – and to go.

How did the idea of putting your face in bread in front of a camera come about?

I’ve always loved the sensation and when I’d tell my friends about this urge, they’d always laugh so I figured maybe it’ll make somebody else’s day out there!

Do you put your face in bread when there is no camera around?

Sure thing! I do much more patting on my cheeks than face planting, but if I’m at home I don’t restrict myself.

What is your favorite bread?

I love sponge cakes. They’re both luxurious and resilient.

In what way are you able to monetize your Instagram account?

I’m a real life doll! Brands can dress me, paint my nails, do my makeup, and even restaurants ask me to come do in-house breadfacings. The best thing about Breadfaceblog is that it’s about a lot of different things all at once, so I’m not limited to just fashion. I’d be just as excited to work with SPAM as I would be to work with a beauty brand — just as long as I love them!

What is your job apart from working on your the „Breadfaceblog“?

I’m a writer and creative consultant. Does that sound as cheesedick as I think it did?

I‘m sure you receive many direct messages. What is still something that shocks you?

I actually don’t get too many DMs — I read every single one actually. I have a pretty high tolerance for “shocking”, so I’d say what’s most shocking thing has been that there aren’t that many assholes or trolls DMing me.

Looking at the concepts of „low carb“, „no carb“ being talked about so much and then the success of your Instagram account on the other hand – it seems like our society is obsessed with carbs in one way or another. Why do you think that is?

I’m not sure! I don’t really buy into that stuff. Bread really doesn’t deserve all this backlash — it’s delicious, affordable, nutritious, and soft. It energizes me. To me, fresh crisp chewy bread is worth any amount of discomfort, bloating, or tiredness I feel afterwards. Like, hey, so what!

Your account strongly focuses on just you putting your face in bread which fetishizes the act itself and the bread in a way. Do you see something sexual in your work?

I’m not personally turned on by breadfacing but if it gets people off out there, I don’t see the harm. I get it, I’m enthusiastically going down on bread. BUT if I weren’t an Asian girl, I seriously doubt anyone would be accusing this of being a fetish as much. It’s just easier for people to throw it into some “weird” category, instead of just enjoying it for what it is.

It‘s striking how successful food videos like mukbang videos or your account is mostly done by females. Can you explain yourself why food, eating and women is being so fascinating to many in that combination?

Ha! There are definitely men, but the reason I think females are more successful in these categories is because (surprise!) everyone prefers looking at pretty, young, thin women. I also just love the trash they’re eating, it’s this put together girl that looks like any other Instagram influencer, putting away 17 packs of ramen in one sitting. Isn’t that just joyful?

You once said that the „Breadfaceblog“ isn‘t something that need to constantly stay relevant. Where do you see your blog develop in the future?

I never want it to feel like work because it’s just something that makes me happy so I try to be careful but who knows! I’d love to host a travelling breadfacing show or even just a sketch comedy variety show on the internet.

Ultimately, I just want to work with great, creative people — bakers, restaurants, other artists, brands etc. Some of my favorite videos are the ones I worked on with Opening Ceremony or artists Lazy Mom, I can’t tell you how surreal it is when people you admire from afar (the internet) want to collaborate or even give you the creative freedom to do whatever you want. How lucky am I!

Could you ever imagine revealing your face on your Instagram account? Why has anonymity been so important to you till now?

I’m just a regular girl who had a tiny, big dream! The anonymity gives me the freedom to be two people—much like the fictional Disney channel character, Hannah Montana.

What do you think of big brands like Gucci stepping into meme culture which is also such big part of Instagram?

I say bravo for trying something new! Some of it worked but some of it did get lost in my feed. I think we’re all a bit sick and tired of how things are marketed towards us, so at least they have a sense of humor and self-awareness about it. They just really just went for it and that’s something that other big brands are very afraid to do.

What accounts or trends on Instagram excite you right now?

I like any super HD hair plucking or pimple extraction videos and I am obsessed with makeup artists @isamayaffrench and @annesophiecosta. I’m here for the puppies.

Last but not least: Is there one bread you would love to put your face in you haaven‘t until now?

I need to get my face on those jiggly japanese cheesecakes from Uncle Tetsu or Uncle Rikuros in Osaka. Will somebody please send me one! I’m dying to try one.

Taken from INDIE #55 Summer 2017, The Obsession Issue

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