After capturing Berlin fashion week cool kids, endless parties, and backstages, rapper and model Andrew Warholla, whose name stands for Wish And Receive Hold On Love Live Always, shares his fashion month experience.

What do you do ?

I think and talk, I talk and think, while the beat be hitting nice with swing, call me that rapper, this’ real life no dream. And it is nice to move so quick, walk the walk taking flicks, getting money for some pics, model life I live lit.

You took pictures during Berlin fashion week. What does photography mean for you ?

What it means to me, it means to me to see and grab the moment in all its singularity, freeze a moment that won’t ever be unfrozen, a pic is a clear knot in this chaos we are woven, look at a pic, it can be lotion for your soul and make your heart so swollen. For me photography is the art to freeze the never recurring moment in a way that conceals and reveals.

You have been to several fashion weeks in the past few weeks including Paris. What did you think of Berlin fashion week ?

Yeah, Paris was a madness. Berlin fashion week was also very cool but in comparison to Paris, I didn’t witness this crazy urge of the cool cats and kids to attend the alleged hottest party. But Berlin is always a good choice to party and chill and during fashion week the city and parties are really packed with all kinds of people from all around the world.

What is the craziest thing that happened to you at Berlin fashion week ?

Crazy hmm, outstanding ya, pulling up to that GQ spot, grab the mic connect the dots. And hell yeah that made me laugh, my style of a party crash, even got asked for an autograph. My funniest and craziest moment was performing at the GQ Mension at Austernbank spontaneously.

How do you feel about Berlin’s fashion and creative scenes ?

How I feel ? I feel happy that they exist and that they contribute to the culture from which I drink now and then.

What do you expect from upcoming fashion weeks ?

More collaborations, more working together but actually I expect them to surprise me.

What are your plans for the years to come ?

More music, more parties, more shows, we on the road.


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