It seems that, luckily, sustainability has become more and more of a trend amongst fashion and beauty retailers around the globe. H&M got rid of their free plastic bags, Cartier is set to launch a sustainable line of fragrances, and even Starbucks has offered discounts to customers who bring their own mugs as oppose to using their plastic- and paper-cups.
And now, British cosmetics and body-products giant LUSH has followed suit. The company has always been at the forefront of eco-friendly and nature-based product suppliers, constantly drawing attention to the excessive over-use of packaging by the industry. Their latest gig to raise awareness for environmental issues took place across North America, with LUSH employees voluntarily stripping down, wearing nothing but the store’s signature black aprons. How and why does this help our Mother Earth? Well, it’s to be taken as a symbolic gesture: close to 40 percent of the company’s goods is sold sans packaging, labeled “naked products,” to avoid the unnecessary and wasteful use of plastics and paper.

“Most of the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today, which is why it’s high time for businesses across all industries to take responsibility and present new generations of consumers with eco-friendly alternatives,” the official press release reads, “If flashing our bums inspires consumers and industry to reconsider their packaging practices, then we’d say it’s definitely worth a few blushes.”
We absolutely love the idea and stand in full support of LUSH’s charming pursuit of helping people realize what big of a difference seemingly little things can make when it comes to our planet’s well-being.

Header image courtesy of Lush PR

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