Jaden Smith is obvisouly one to keep his promises. Back in April, the young actor and musician tweeted he’d be dropping two music videos soon. One for a song titled “Watch me”, and one titled “Batman”, both of which are said to appear on Smith’s upcoming debut album Syre.
The latter of the two is why you are here: He released the music video for “Batman” yesterday.
Take a look at the Jaden Smith’s music video for “Batman” below:

In the video, Smith strolls through Hollywood wearing an all-white Version of the iconic superhero-costume. The four-and-a-half minute clip starts off by showing Jaden in what appears to be his very own Batcave, later in a Batmobile by Tesla, and finally wrestling with an all-black Batman and Superman on the city’s Walk of Fame. In between these sequences, the 18-year old is seen in regular attire, either followed by paparazzi or taking walks alongside the edges of LA’s surrounding landscape. All of which he does while rapping verses such as “Batman, Batman, Batman / Please save the day from the demons”, layered over minimalist trap-production.

Even though we can’t overhear the resemblance between this and Drake’s “Jumpman”, we kind of dig Jaden’s (new) musical and visual aesthetic, and are quite keen on seeing whatever he delivers next.


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