With the general election taking place today it’s more than obvious that every single vote counts… We asked CSM graduate and LVMH nominee Daniel Fletcher why he’s going to the polling station today:

Firstly I would like to tell everyone to use their vote today. Whoever you decide to vote for just make sure you do. Around 75% of people aged 65 and over are expected to vote in this election versus only 42% of 18 to 24 year-olds. If the concerns of the youth are to be taken seriously then this needs to change. Our voices are continually overlooked and voting will help to change this. So please, VOTE.

And if you would like my advice on who to vote for, that’s easy; LABOUR. Not only were the Tories the ones who got us into this Brexit mess as a way to gain power but they now want to sell our NHS and continue selling arms to Saudi Arabia. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand wants to scrap tuition fees so everyone can go to university, invest in the arts, increase the minimum wage and he certainly won’t be holding hands with Donald Trump; no contest.

It is super important to get young people to the polling stations today. We even turned images from my last collection into canvassing flyers with each of the models names on for my last presentation. The idea was to present them as candidates to encourage voting amongst the younger generation and show that we are not prepared to have our voices overlooked, as was the case with Brexit…


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