While the world has arguabaly seen its fair share of so-called alternative R&B musicians, there is one up and coming talent that we find worthy of keeping our eye on in the midst of what appears to be an ocean full of artists of seemingly similar nature.
Music artist Water has created a distinctive sound for himself: Consisting of confident trap beats mixed with rather vulnerable lyrics, it makes for an unexpected, yet highly enjoyable listening experience. While he is yet to break into the mainstream, he has managed to sustain his credibility as an authentic musician by constantly sharing new, high quality material through his SoundCloud.

Newest addition to the aforementioned material is Water’s brand new track “First Step”. Listen to the exclusive premiere of the new song, right here:

As if we weren’t convinced already, this track strengthens his potential of joining his preferred genre’s frontrunners even further. Plus, it gets us all the more stoked for his debut full length record, scheduled to drop next week.

We said it before, and we’ll say it again. We think this kid might be going places – When? Where? And How? We’re not sure, but we are more than eager to find out.

Pictures shot by: Robbin Shrijver
Art Direction: Elathekid van de Jeugd

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