Gaining international success from a stream of online music tracks, Yung Sherman spent his teenage years as a producer in Swedish auto-tune rap group SadBoys. The crew lead by 20-year-old Yung Lean, created a new sound of trap-inspired music that resonated with their hardcore fans.

Now Yung Sherman is taking his producing skills solo, having released his debut EP “Innocence” in March this year. The influence of early EDM and mid 2000’s Southern rap is evident in Yung Sherman’s sound away from SadBoys. INDIE shot 14 quick fire questions at the Scandinavian producer to see where his head was at post-EP launch.

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How has your life changed since you joined SadBoys? 
Life is a bit more strange now.

Is there anything you feel that you missed out on during your teenage years? 
Not really.

When did you begin making music? 
Around 2012.

How did you learn to produce at such a young age? 
I still have no idea what I’m doing when I produce.

Why did you choose the name Sherman? 
Lol, I don’t know really.

How did you meet Yung Lean and Yung Gud? 
I knew Micke (Gud) through my high school friend. Then we met Jonatan (Lean) when we were out drinking somewhere.

What is something you wish you knew before you began making music?
How hard it is to make music.

Do you feel that your personal style has evolved since the establishment of Sad Boys? 
I guess.

What are you listening to at the moment? 
Grouper – Headache

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Why did you decide to produce your own EP, was it something you’d been thinking of for some time? 
I don’t know, it just happened and I knew I had to drop something.

How did the process of producing your own EP differ from making the Sadboys sound?
I pushed the deadlines more.

Does your upbringing influence your sound? 
Not at all.

You’ve collaborated with Eytys and produced a series of Sadboys clothing, is designing something you’d like to move into in the future?
That would be fun.

Where do you see yourself in five years? 

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