It was early 2017, when it was announced that NOKIA was going to re-release its more than iconic 3310 model. Well, it’s finally that time of the year. The revamped version comes in three colors and a slimmer, more modern form, offers a range of basic cellphone functions, plus a web browsing tool and 2MP camera. But, most importantly, it features the game that will make every kid’s (who was alive before touchscreens took over the market) heart skip a beat: Snake! That’s right. The one and only, original, pre-Doodle Jump, pre-Temple Run, highly addictive, ridiculously simple mobile game is back.
You can buy your very own NOKIA 3310 for less than 60 Euros (less than 70 USD), and to top it off, you can hand in your own design at a chance to win a custom, one-of-a-kind printed version of your new cell phone to be. Follow the instructions below to do so.

… if all of the above doesn’t convince you to toss your iPhone, Samsung,(or whatever other unnecessarily complicated phone you may own), then we don’t know what will.

Imagery courtesy of Nokia PR

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