This week has come to a great start, at least in terms of new music. From Lana Del Rey releasing her “too-woke-to-enjoy-Coachella”-track to James Blake covering Frank Ocean – wishes we never knew we had were heard. We handpicked some of our personal favorites for you to learn about and listen to, below. This rather wild mix of artists includes Hip Hop’s finest Travis Scott and Chance The Rapper, Australia’s very own Indie Rock prodigy Courtney Barnett and, wait for it, Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. Enough talking, though, let’s get started:

Travis Scott
Since releasing his sophomore album Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight back in September 2016, Travis has been very busy touring, collaborating with fellow Hip Hop/R&B artists Kendrick Lamar, Drake, SZA and Frank Ocean (to name a few), and surprise-dropping new music all over the place, every now and then. As you might expect, today was another one of those “now and thens”. Via SoundCloud, Scott premiered not one, not two, but THREE brand new singles. Whether or not “Butterfly Effect”, “Green & Purple ft. Playboi Carti”, and “A man” will appear on his upcoming third record “AstroWorld” is yet to be confirmed. Either way, we’re pretty excited about this and want to encourage Travis to teep up the good work!

Courtney Barnett
Melbourne, Australia’s Courtney Barnett is by far one of the most talented and memorable acts of her genre. Her wonderfully sarcastic lyrics, distinctively dirty guitar riffs and signature “I-don’t-give-a-single-fuck”-tone of voice have catapulted her into Indie Rock stardom. After being nominated for a Grammy last year and touring with the legendary Patti Smith, the 29-year old is back with a track so “Courtney Barnett” it’s not even funny. “How To Boil An Egg” was released last night. Here, too, we do not know if this is to be interpreted as a first taste of a follow-up to her debut Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit. However, rumor has it that Barnett has been working in a recording studio these last couple of months, alongside fellow Indie-wunderkind Kurt Vile. We’ll keep you posted!

Chance The Rapper
Next in the list we have another member of current Hip Hop-scene’s who-is-who: Grammy-winner Chance The Rapper. First of all, we need to mention that, technically, this is not a new track. Second of all, credit for this not only goes to Chance, but also to Producer KAYTRANADA. “And They Say” has been teased regularly throughout the years of its existence and been played live at multiple concerts. However, the track was never released in full, with only bits and pieces floating around the internet, driving both fanbases crazy. That being said, the SoundCloud-release of it is just as noteworthy as anything or anyone else on this list. Finally, we can jam to the log awaited full version of Chance’s and Kaytra’s collab.

Joy Crookes
You may or may not be familiar with this young lady. If the latter is the case, things are about to change. Joy Crookes is the 18-year-old, London-native singer/songwriter who is about to take over your playlist. The newbie’s latest single, “Bad Feeling”, is a must listen and was co-created by SBTRKT- and Lily Allen-prdoucer Tev’n. Her style was described as “the kind of sound that blew up a post-fugees Lauryn Hill”. We’ll definitely keep our eyes on this one!

Finn Wolfhard
Another name on this list of new music that might not instantly ring a bell. But, no worries, we’ll help you out. Finn Wolfhard is the adorable teen actor that stars as Mike Wheeler on Netflix’s Stranger Things. You know, Stranger Things? That show that blew up the Internet? With Winona Ryder alongside long-gone-viral pre-teen superstar’s, such as Millie Bobby Brown. Exactly. Anyways, Wolfhard has stated multiple times that his heart belongs to music. This he has proven by previously covering Nirvana and Mac DeMarco. Now, he (and what looks like his band), have taken it upon themselves to cover New Order’s “Age Of Consent”. The footage was shot at Strange ’80s, a concert-event devoted to the best tracks of the 1980s. While this is, as stated above, just a cover, we see loads of potential in this young man and can’t wait for him to do more in the field of music.



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