We have seen many rappers branching out into the fashion world. From P. Diddy to Kanye, all the way over to A$AP Rocky. Next up? A Zebra Katz Collection. South Florida’s Zebra Katz is known for many things: Number one, obviously, his music. Then for his distinctive style and finally, for being one of the very few black male artists in Hip Hop to speak openly about his sexuality and queerness eventhough this genre in particular is often associated with homophobia.

As it is some what of a tradition for rappers to, at one point or another, dive into the fashion industry, Katz has launched a 27-piece active- and performance-wear collection.

Kitty Kitty Katz

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The Collection was created in collabortaion with Print All Over Me and offers everything from tops to bottoms and accessories. Prices on the print-heavy pieces range from $28 to $160.

[Font It] #ZebraKatz

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The 30-year-old revealed in an interview that this isn’t the first time he’s taken a dip in the fashion scene. “I used to make and sell rhinestone bandana halter tops in school during the late ’90s as a costuming minor in the theater department, so I’ve always wanted to be designer of fashion”.

[ZFK x PAOM Collection] Mask Print ☠️

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Get your hands on the Zebra Katz Collection right here.

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