Popular streaming-platform Netflix has a lot of exciting new projects in store for us. Some of which will even hit our screens by the end of April! So, in your best interest, we’ve made a small list of new Netflix productions to look forward to this month. Mark your calendars, people: a new wave of binge-watching is coming our way!

Rodney King

There are only very few stories that polarized public and media in recent history the same way Rodney King’s story did. King, who was working as a cab driver at the time, was severely beaten by LA police officers following a high-speed car-chase back in 1991. A witness’ video sent to a local news station went viral, showing the disproportiante acts of violence by police towards King, who later wound up in a hospital with life-threatening injuries. King’s case caused a nation-wide discussion over police brutality towards minorities, sparked riots across the country and, to this day, symbolizes a much greater problem that is yet to be solved. Spike Lee’s take on the Rodney King case will feature spoken-word-artist Roger Guenveur Smith performing a one-man-show, revisiting events that (unfortunately) seem more relevant today than ever before. What appears to be a rather unusual approach to visualizing a topic as complex as this one is set to – once again – get people talking. Watch the trailer for the highly anticipated Netflix-special above. Rodney King is scheduled for release April 28th.


Charlize Theron, who serves as the series’ executive producer, teamed up with Netfilx to shed a light on the rise and fall of Nasty Gal. For those of you who are not familiar, Nasty Gal is an online retailer founded by business woman Sophia Amoruso back in 2006 and once dominated fashion’s e-commerce scene. Amoruso became some what of an industry- and media-phenomenon from there on out. From dumpster-diving shoplifter to multi-million dollar business luminary. Following her unbelievable success, she wrote a bestselling book titled #GIRLBOSS and appeared in various publications and talkshows, all of which manifested her darling-status in the public eye. However, none of this could save her company from what it had coming in November 2016. As Heidi Klum would say: “In Fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out” – a statement unfortunatley proven to be true, as Nasty Gal filed for chapter 11 bankrupcy proceedings last year.
Girlboss will premiere April 21st on Netflix. Watch the official trailer above.

Dear White People

Dear White People is an upcoming series based on 2014’s movie of the same name. It tells the story of a black woman working as a college-radio host calling out on and off-campus-racism and ultimately trying to fight racial injustice as a whole. The series has already sparked controversy on social media and is expected to be one of the most talked about shows of the year as it unapolagetically tackles one of society’s biggest, yet often least talked about cultural issues. Dear White People‘s premiere season will come to Netflix April 28th.


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