Ever since Alessandro Michele took over the role as the iconic Italian label’s Creative Director, Gucci has experienced what can only be called a complete turn-around. Before Michele brought fresh air into the company’s design team, Gucci struggled with sustaining a desirable image and thus suffered from low sales. This changed, however, when the young Italian creative took the helm and gave Gucci a youthful, up-to-date new look. His success in re-establishing Gucci amongst the trendiest global high fashion retailers has shaken the industry. You can always be sure he has a trick up his sleeve, as he is known to be talented wielder of the element of surprise. The new Gucci campaign being no exception.

In times when social media starlets seem to be taking over the industry, Michele chose to go with something rather different (to say the least). Via Instagram, Gucci released a handful of snippets starring aliens and other extraterrestrial creatures posing in head-to-toe Gucci attire.

The new Gucci campaign comes just shortly after their last advertising-stint that exclusively featured models of color and was widely applauded by industry in- and outsiders for celebrating diversity in the fashion business.

The wonderfully weird clips can be found in their entirety here 

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