For Jus Kno, making music is just a side effect of doing art and a music video doesn’t get shot to fit a certain song but the other way around. With their song “.delusional” of their newly released second EP “” that was exactly the approach they had, working together with director Pippa Young to create the visuals: “A friend showed us some footage from Pippa Young and we immediately fell in love with the styling and how she works with images. Pippa then sent us some raw videos that she had not used yet for her projects and we decided to fit all the frames in one story. We made the song while we were working on the video because we wanted to create an identity using music and visuals. Jus Kno is a combination of both, not just a group related to music.”

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Manipulating and experimenting with their voices as well as the video, duo Jus Kno creates an illusional clip, that tries to tell a story through atmosphere. “The aesthetic has a lot to do with the inner message of the video. It’s about the beast we hide sometimes inside of us, a beast that comes suddenly in certain situations, and wants to come out. The song is about two people talking to each other. The video guides you trough a situation where someone wakes up from an idyllic relationship, still he was just fooling himself, realizes that and explodes.”

But that is just their interpretation of the video. Get your own idea of Jus Kno’s work below and make up your own mind about their visual expression – in fact the guys from Jus Kno actually encourage you to do exactly that: “That’s the part we love most, to see how people perceive our ideas.”



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