What do you do when you grow up in a town that only consist of one road with 17 houses, located somewhere in the North East of Denmark? Right, you start getting yourself lost in music, eventually start “writing silly pop songs”, later move to Denmark’s capital Copenhagen, produce your own songs and become a super serious, super professional and not so silly anymore musician. If you then also get into uni in London and start studying sound design, you know that uncertain road you chose to go down back in the day in your teenage bedroom could soon turn into a speedy highway and exciting roller-coaster all in one.

For Danish singer and producer CÉCI that is exactly how it went down. Now living and creating her own songs in London, the emerging artist just dropped her second single “Detox“, focusing on the topic of erasing toxic people from your live that continuously keep you from becoming the best version of yourself. “‘Detox’ was written in a period of my life where I needed transformation. I had been focusing too much on other people and their opinions opposed to my own – I couldn’t hear my own voice anymore. I needed to make space for people that were adding value to my life instead of the ones making me feel wrong”, CÉCI explains. She then channelled those feelings into an illusive track and video, “It focuses on the idea of a two-sided figure – the black raven that guards its most precious and the pure white statue that gives the feeling of freedom and liberty”.

It’s exactly that sense of personal growth CÉCI wants to create for herself and others with her songs, making them a mirror to her inner self and the things she want to achieve. “Music to me is the reflection of the movements inside me that I am not able to find the right words for. That’s why it is so beautiful – it’s something you can’t describe.”

But that you can listen to – so for INDIE CÉCI put together a playlist of all songs giving her a boost of motivation and making her focus on pushing herself rather than getting weighed down by the negative energy of others.

Header Image by Theo Rhodius

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