Frankfurt bred, Berlin based photographer Sina Lesnik has a beautiful talent – apart from the obvious. With every shot she takes in Berlin’s nightlife she creates this throbbing feeling of well-known ‘fear of missing out’. How can it not hit you, when seeing all the perfectly dressed scene kids in their natural club habitat?! However Sina’s analog photographs are far away from your ordinary drunk party pics. Instead her photos live by a natural sense of spontaneity and carefully curated poses, giving her subject’s character the freedom to become visible.

When she’s not capturing her all-nighters Sina’s exploring the fields of portrait and editorial photography with a keen eye on extraordinary faces representing the various stories and experiences of young adults.

For INDIE Sina took her Fuji Film Instax Polaroid camera with her and dove deep into the night…


sinas_scans_01 sinas_scans_02 sinas_scans_03 sinas_scans_04 sinas_scans_05 sinas_scans_06 sinas_scans_07 sinas_scans_08 sinas_scans_09 sinas_scans_10 sinas_scans_11 sinas_scans_12 sinas_scans_13 sinas_scans_14 sinas_scans_15 sinas_scans_16 sinas_scans_17 sinas_scans_18 sinas_scans_19 sinas_scans_20 sinas_scans_21 sinas_scans_22 sinas_scans_23 sinas_scans_24 sinas_scans_25 sinas_scans_26 sinas_scans_27 sinas_scans_28 sinas_scans_30

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